Woozle & Pip are the creation of mother and actress Guusje Nederhorst. Inspired by her love of children and animals, in 2003 she wrote a series of stories and songs for babies, toddlers and pre-school kids about the two cutest dogs and best friends in the world: Woozle & Pip! As children and parents in the Benelux now know, Woozle & Pip have inspiring and exciting adventures in the Magic Garden. As they play with their friends, they learn about all kinds of relevant themes such as friendship and respect for each other and for the world around them.

It all began with the publication of a single book in 2005 and gradually went from strength to strength. Now, almost ten years later, the success is nothing short of astounding. Our goal is to establish Woozle & Pip as a modern-day evergreen. An organic development that begins with each child’s own spontaneous response. That’s the secret of Woozle & Pip’s success: they are the choice of the children and parents of today!


Woozle & Pip’s unique charm lies in their authentic appeal for both boys and girls: accessibility, expression, visual appeal, edutainment and quality all come together in one complete package. That is what makes Woozle & Pip so special: a total experience for 2015 and beyond!

The primary target group for Woozle & Pip are children between the ages of 2 and 6 years. The secondary target group encompasses parents, grandparents and other people who work with or look after children. Woozle & Pip are for all children from all ethnic, social and religious backgrounds.

All children everywhere are welcome to come and play with Woozle & Pip!