The dream of one, becomes the dream of many.

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Almost ten years have passed since the publication of Woozle & Pip’s first book. At The Dreamchaser Company we like to talk about the fairy-tale of Woozle & Pip: it’s incredible how Guusje’s creations have found their own special place in the imaginations of today’s young children and parents. The dream of one person, becomes the dream of many. It is this idea that forms the foundation for our wonderful company Dreamchaser. It is a remarkable story. And above all a true one. Straight from the heart.

Dreamchaser and Woozle & Pip create a world of experience for children and their parents, a world that is safe and warm, but where all kinds of adventures and discoveries are possible. A world where everyone lives together, where you can discover what life is like and where you have the freedom to fall down and get back up again. Above all, it’s a world that always centres on enjoyment and magic, a world that wears a smile. And of course it’s a world that welcomes children of all backgrounds and all religions.

We work hard to express that feeling each and every day in books, merchandise, theatre productions, on television and through the Guusje Nederhorst Fonds, established in memory of Woozle & Pip’s creator. To do so is a pleasure and a privilege.

At Dreamchaser we have embraced the challenge of a 360-degree marketing strategy, yet we never take it for granted that our activities fan out in all kinds of exciting directions. In each new area we ask ourselves “What will this direction achieve? How will it enrich our experience?” In other words, what is its relevance to Dreamchaser?

As we continue to build on Guusje’s inspiring legacy, at Dreamchaser we have reached a point where we can say with increasing confidence and pride that we have found our own distinctive voice and have discovered how to make our own unique contribution to every field we enter. Our ability to stand out from the crowd lies in our roots: purpose, expression, imagination, quality and an integrated approach. These are our strengths. Edutainment is the key. We believe in its power to unlock a world of experience.

Welcome to Dreamchaser!

Dinand & Lucy Woesthoff

Woozle & Pip is a solid premium brand on its way to becoming a modern-day evergreen.

Dreamchaser has been the company behind Woozle & Pip since December 2007.

Dreamchaser is a young family business, passionately run by its owners Dinand and Lucy Woesthoff.
Dreamchaser pursues a long-term strategy with positive drive, commitment and awareness.
Dreamchaser is responsible for the total branding of Woozle & Pip.
Dreamchaser takes a 360° approach that incorporates television and theatre productions, events, publishing, licensing and sales in the Netherlands and abroad.


The Dreamchaser Company is a young, close-knit family business that combines the energy of a fresh new company, with a story that comes straight from the heart. This tells you all you need to know about our authenticity, our passion and our drive. Our founding principles are expressed by our motto, our beliefs and our promise. They form the starting point for everything we do, be it creative, commercial or an inspiring mix of the two.


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Woezel & Pip

Woozle & Pip have shown their ability to live up to the expectations of children, parents, the media, the market and the retail sector. How can we build on this achievement while remaining true to the magic and inspiration at the heart of Dreamchaser and Woozle & Pip?
Creativity and awareness are key, whatever direction we take, in business or in the studio. The aim is to maintain a sense of fun, to aim for the top and to create our own luck through practical and inventive thinking, identifying and seizing the opportunities that present themselves.


Dinand Woesthoff

CEO & Owner

Lucy Woesthoff

Brand Director & Owner

Brian Akeroyd

Financial Director

Joost Scholman

Financial Manager

Stephanie Raber

Team Manager Licensing & Sales

Peter van Hooydonk

Licensing & Sales Manager

Eva Derksen

Manager Licensing & Sales

Saskia Rust

Project Manager Licensing & Sales

Joyce Kamerbeek

Content & Community Manager

Jolanda van Drie

Project Manager Facility, Product Development & DC Studio en HR Medewerker

Wil Raymakers

Art Director

Henrieke Goorhuis


Dore van Montfoort


Leon ter Molen

Assistent Illustrator

Nienke Meurer

Office Manager